Commissions info / Rules & TOS

In this page, you’ll find all the info needed to commission me for art. Also my rules, TOS & more useful details! 

WAITLIST  - June/July+ 2024 slots = OPEN





  1. Payment will be through my StreamElements page. It goes through Paypal.

    I require to be paid fully upfront, before I add your commission to my queue & then start working on it.

    Upon completion, then I'll email you the files from your project.

    Only file sizes needed & agreed on will be sent, no source files. (unless specified & agreed on upon commission)

  2. It will take me a couple weeks to finish your request. The date will be specified & agreed upon commission.

    I’ll offer fast sketches to you, for approval prior to completion. This usually happens a couple days before the agreed completion date.

    Any delays that might come up due to unforeseen reasons (sickness, real life issues to take care off, etc), will be communicated in time.

  3. I will not complete the commission until the submitted sketches are approved by you.

    So, if you delay getting feedback back to me, please also expect to get your finished commission to be potentially delayed because of it, in order for me to complete everything else in my queue in time.

  4. Revisions will usually only be accepted during the sketch phase.

    Adequate Minor Revisions (I can't keep sketching forever!)

    Only 2 Major Revisions

    Revisions of finished commissions will cost up to the same amount as a completely new one. (best to make changes during the sketching phase)

  5. Additional charges might apply depending on the complexity of the design. (multiple characters/extensive animations/time needed/etc)

  6. Please provide me with reference images & as many details as possible, to help me understand your vision for the commissioned art.

  7. Please note that I have other clients & I prioritize those who pay first.

    You can ask to be put on priority, if there is an available slot.

    Priority commissions, when available, come with the art industry's standard fee, which is +50% of the agreed commission price.

    (Please note, this can be 100% if the deadline is incredibly short - e.g. artwork being requested to be finished within a few days/a week)





  1. I retain full rights to my artwork, unless otherwise specified and agreed upon via a mutually signed contract. You're allowed to use the finished commission for personal use & its intended use. (upload on Twitch, YouTube, Discord, social media etc. w/e we agreed on)

  2. You're NOT allowed to edit the sketches or finished commission in any way shape or form, without my explicit knowledge & permission.

  3. NO resizes, recolors, edits, animating, tracing to make new art, placing into other art, literally don't touch any file besides uploading it to where it’s intended to be used at. (twitch/YT/FB/discord emotes, profile pics on social media, etc - what we've agreed on)

  4. You're most certainly NOT allowed to re-sell the sketches or finished commission. That's stealing. (I shouldn't even have to mention this!)

  5. I will take legal action due to copyright infringement (e.g. DMCA) if the above rules aren’t followed, as the rightful owner of the copyrighted artwork.

  6. If you want to make merchandise for a commissioned piece, or want to purchase the rights for it, please contact me to discuss details for the commercial and resale rights and their contracts.

  7. You are NOT permitted, under any circumstances, to use any part of the finished commission for non fungible tokens. Use of my artwork for any advertising or profits associated with non fungible tokens, blockchains, or cryptocurrency is strictly prohibited without my explicit knowledge & written permission.





  1. No refunds or chargebacks.

    Be absolutely sure you like my work / style & that you’re fine with waiting in the queue BEFORE you send me any money.

  2. I will not refund a completed commission, especially after you’ve approved the submitted sketches for it.


By commissioning me (paying me), you automatically state that you have read and agreed to my terms of service.


May 1, 2020